Frequently Asked Question

  1. What area do you service?
    Sydney Metro, Penrith, lower mountains, Hawkesbury
  2. Do you do free quotes?
    Yes we offer an obligation free quote
  3. Why use Everseal?
    We have been in business for 30 years, our waterproofing is one of the leading systems in the shower industry.
  4. What type of work do you do?
    We do shower recess repairs, full bathroom renovations, partial bathroom renovations, disabled bathrooms, convert baths into showers
  5. What warranty do you offer?
    7 year warranty as per Office of Fair Trading – we warranty both the product and the workmanship.
  6. Are you licenced?
    Yes our licence number is 181936C, you can do a licence check on  www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au
  7. How do I know if my shower is leaking?
    Signs of shower leaking is wet carpet, swollen architraves and skirting boards, bubbled surface, discoluration of grout outside the shower, damp smell, ants, 2nd storey water stains on ceiling, sponge feel to the floor in bathroom, leaking through the showerstep
  8. Do you surface seal?
    No we do not surface seal we get to the heart of the problem by removing the tiles and finding out the cause of the leak.
  9. Do you repair showerscreens?
    No we do not, we recommend that you use All Points Glass Services on 9725 5451.
  10. Do you regrout shower recess’s?
    No we do not, we recommend that you use Total Tile Care on 1800 020 203
  11. Can we reuse our tiles?
    No tiles cannot be reused
  12. Do you match tiles?
    We do not match tiles, we supply basic white or vanilla to match existing PC items. If you do not have spare tiles, we will deduct a tile allowance for you search and buy your own.
  13. How long does the shower repair take?
    Between  5 – 7 working days, depending on what we find on the stripout.
  14. Do you do all the work if you find damage when you remove the tiles?
    Yes we have qualified carpenters, tilers, plumber and electrician to do work as required
  15. What is a hob?
    A hob is a step which is built into the tile bed to create a water barrier to contain water with the shower area
  16. What happens to the rubbish?
    All rubbish is removed off site
  17. Is there much dust?
    Any renovation you can expect some dust – we element as much as possible but expect some fine dust to settle.
  18. Is there much noise?
    The first day while stripping there is noise – but the rest of the time it is kept at a minimum.
  19. Does the waterproofing smell?
    It does give off a smell because it is an oil based product, but keep the bathroom door shut and the smell should go away overnight.
  20. When can I use my shower?
    24 hours after the showerscreen has been installed.
  21. What time will you be coming to my house each day?
    Our co-ordinator will call each afternoon with the next days time frame.
  22. Do you have a showroom?
    Yes we have a showroom with a wide variety of tiles, vanities, toilets and accessories.  Showroom is by appointment only
  23. Can I contact you after office hours?
    Just ring us on our phone number 9676 8666 and you will go to a answering service where you can leave a message.
  24. What types of payment can I make?
    We accept credit cards, amex (has a surcharge) b-pay, direct deposit.