Repair Process

Shower Repair in Sydney | Our Process



  • Remove shower screen
  • Remove necessary wall tiles
  • Remove floor tiles and floor bed
  • Remove hob tiles top & inside


  • Apply first coat Hyrdepoxy, which is part 1 of our Seamless Flexible Membrane, to shower base with turn- ups to walls and over hob, dressing down into waste.

Day 2

  • Apply second coat of Polyurethane Waterproofing

Day 3

  • Apply 3rd coat of polyurethane waterproofing.

Day 4

  • This is curing day so no attendance on site.

Day 5

  • Supply and fix wall tiles as required to walls and hob area.
  • Supply and fix floor tiles including new waste.
  • Grout tiled area.

Day 6

  • Re-install existing shower screen and here some alterations may be required.

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